A Depressed Spouse May Be Difficult To Leave, But Doing So Could Be In Your Best Interest

19 September 2018
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Many people view depression as a mental illness, and while there are certainly varying degrees of depression, you conventionally want to support those in your life who struggle in this manner. If your spouse is depressed and the issue is ongoing, however, it can begin to take its toll on your marriage. What might have once been an energetic and passionate life together can now involve your partner feeling down while you struggle with how to engage with him or her. Counseling can help, but you may also have to accept the reality that divorce may be an option. Here are some reasons that you may wish to make the difficult decision to leave your spouse.

Support May Be Absent

Different couples have different ways that they approach supporting each other, but this topic includes lots of angles. When one spouse is depressed, he or she may not provide support. A depressed person may struggle to provide emotional support because of being focused on his or her issues. If the depressed person is not working because of his or her mental illness, it's possible that he or she may not be providing financial support, either. The lack of support in both these regards can add a strain to your relationship.

No Sexual Relationship

Happy couples are often those who have an active and exciting sex life, but this part of your relationship can slide away when your spouse is battling depression. Those who have this mental illness can frequently lose their sex drives, and it may be rare for you and your spouse to enjoy intimacy together. If he or she doesn't seem to care and isn't showing any desire to work on this part of your marriage, things may be in a rough position.

Lack Of Quality Time

People with severe depression can spend long stretches of time lying in bed alone, and may frequently be so medicated that they lack any degree of real energy. This can mean that the quality time you seek in a marriage is rare for you. While you might be able to put up with this shortage for a period of time, it's something that will likely wear on you. This is especially true when you see other couples enjoying their relationship. It can be difficult to decide to leave a spouse who is battling depression, but if you think that this move is in your best interest, speak to a divorce attorney.