Probate And Estate Planning Myths Dispelled

8 November 2018
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Due to the unpleasantness of thinking about death, individuals will often fail to prepare for this reality. There are many legal issues that will arise when someone passes, and it is important to be prepared for these matters. Myth: A Will Provides No Major Benefits Preparing a will is one of the most basic steps that a person can take to prepare for death. However, individuals often assume that there are no benefits that will come with preparing one of these documents. Read More 

Provide Up-Front Alimony To Help Your Ex With These Costs

26 October 2018
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When one divorced person pays alimony to his or her ex-spouse, it's common for these payments to come on a monthly basis. There are many factors that will support how much one spouse pays the other in alimony, and these payments can last for years. There are, however, some scenarios in which you may not have to pay alimony on a monthly basis. Instead, you can talk to your divorce attorney about providing an up-front sum of money that will help your ex with his or her immediate expenses. Read More 

A Depressed Spouse May Be Difficult To Leave, But Doing So Could Be In Your Best Interest

19 September 2018
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Many people view depression as a mental illness, and while there are certainly varying degrees of depression, you conventionally want to support those in your life who struggle in this manner. If your spouse is depressed and the issue is ongoing, however, it can begin to take its toll on your marriage. What might have once been an energetic and passionate life together can now involve your partner feeling down while you struggle with how to engage with him or her. Read More 

You Own An Aggressive Cat: Can You Be Sued In A Personal Injury Case?

20 July 2018
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While cat attack lawsuits aren't as common as those associated with aggressive dogs, they can happen. And if you own an aggressive or mean cat that has swiped at friends or family members or actually injured them, you may be in a tough legal situation if they decide to sue you. Owners Are Often Liable In Cat Scratch Cases When a friend visits your home and gets scratched by a cat, you are likely liable for the actions of your cat. Read More 

Receive The Child Support Payments Necessary For The Care And Well-Being Of Your Children

23 May 2018
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If you are raising your children by yourself and your ex is contributing barely any money for essentials your offspring need, it can be frightening to struggle financially and worry about how you will afford to pay for your rent or groceries. If you have tried to speak to your ex about the lack of assistance that you are receiving and haven't gotten anywhere, it is time to speak to a child support attorney and request a court hearing. Read More