Receive The Child Support Payments Necessary For The Care And Well-Being Of Your Children

23 May 2018
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If you are raising your children by yourself and your ex is contributing barely any money for essentials your offspring need, it can be frightening to struggle financially and worry about how you will afford to pay for your rent or groceries. If you have tried to speak to your ex about the lack of assistance that you are receiving and haven't gotten anywhere, it is time to speak to a child support attorney and request a court hearing.

Bring Documentation To An Attorney

A family law attorney will help you receive the payments that your children need and deserve. Meet with an attorney for a consultation so that you can explain your current dilemma and find out how you can receive court-ordered child support.

Bring a stack of paperwork that includes your household expenses, medical bills, daycare fees, and any other fees that are related to the care and well-being of your children. Also show proof of how much you earn from your place of employment. 

If your spouse has given you any money or items for your children, list the amounts or types of items that you received and present this information. An attorney will likely recommend that an emergency hearing is scheduled so that the monetary problem can be brought to the attention of a judge.

After finding out how much the attorney will charge you, request a sliding fee plan or scheduled payments if you do not have all of the funds needed to secure the lawyer for the length of the custody dispute.

Attend The Hearing And Report Issues

After your attorney files paperwork with the local courthouse, you will be provided with a hearing date. Your ex will be subpoenaed for this event and could face serious charges if they choose not to appear. On the date of your hearing, your lawyer will present your side of the story.

Documentation will be given to the judge so that they have a clear understanding of your current financial situation and the bills that you are responsible for each month. The judge will determine how much money is needed to care for your children and will order your ex to pay a portion of this.

The amount of money that your ex earns at their place of employment will be taken into consideration before providing a figure that they will need to pay for support. Support payments are typically mailed. After a payment plan has been made, be sure to report to your attorney if you incur additional issues, such as late payments or no payments.