Preparing For A Divorce: 3 Ways To Check For Hidden Assets

8 May 2017
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On average, couples that file for divorce tend to do so after being married for about 8 years. During the length of the marriage, most couples amass a wealth of assets together, although one spouse might be better off than the other if they didn't take any time off work to care for the family. If you're thinking of filing for divorce, you should first get your ducks in a row and determine whether your spouse has hidden any assets. Here are 3 things that can help you unveil any assets that your spouse might have kept from you during the course of the marriage.

Subpoena Banks You Suspect Your Spouse Has an Account With

Although you can't legally open your spouse's letters, you can take a look at where the letters are being sent from. If you see any letters being sent from certain banks or certain documents that address or point towards a certain bank, let your divorce attorney know. They can subpoena the suspected bank to provide you with any account information that was opened by your spouse. This can give you access to any secret saving accounts that your spouse might have been funneling money into. You might also be able to gain access to their investment accounts and other types of financial information.

Check Security Deposit Boxes for Valuable Jewelry and Items

A lot of valuable assets are physical items and not cash. It's not a bad idea to look around the house first to see whether you can identify any expensive purchases that your spouse might have made or invested in. This might include expensive artwork, jewelry, and more. If you can't find anything in the house, check any security deposit boxes that you might have access to. Many people choose to store some of their more valuable assets in security deposit boxes.

Get an Expert to Perform a Lifestyle Analysis

Does your spouse live rather extravagantly? Do the numbers that they report as income simply not match up with the type of lifestyle that they're living? If you believe that something is off, your divorce attorney might also hire a financial expert to perform a lifestyle analysis on your spouse. The expert will take a look at the type of lifestyle that your partner lives and compare it with their income to determine whether there are any discrepancies or issues that need to be addressed. This can help uncover whether your spouse has any unreported income that is supporting their lifestyle.


Getting your finances in order should be one of your first priorities before filing for divorce. Knowing what assets and debts have accumulated during the length of the marriage can help you determine which steps you should take next before exiting the marriage. For more information, contact a divorce attorney at a law firm like the Bray & Johnson Law Firm.