Why Your Divorce Lawyer May Advise You To Hire These Three Professionals

13 April 2017
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A divorce attorney is the first professional you should consult if you have decided to file for divorce. However, the divorce lawyer won't be the last professional you will consult; an efficient divorce requires the input of other professionals. Here are three examples of additional professionals you may need:


Many people who have gone through a divorce will tell you that they weren't prepared for its emotional nature. Even if you have a mutual desire to divorce, the emotions will kick in when you start fighting over finances and child custody or when accusations of infidelity start flying around.

A divorce counselor can help you deal with the emotions so that they don't end up affecting your health, finances, or children. There are also cases where you may need a divorce therapist to testify on your behalf in divorce court. For example, if you have accused your partner of domestic abuse, a counselor may testify as to the veracity of your allegations.

Financial Adviser

Your lawyer may also advise you to get a financial adviser to help you plan for your post-divorce life. As you know, divorce can have a big effect on your financial security. This effect comes in different forms, such as the division of assets and debts as well as the costs associated with the divorce.

An adviser will help you understand the options (financially speaking) available to you, your current financial situations, and how to prioritize your expenditures. They may also help you minimize the legal fees associated with the divorce, as well as the applicable taxes.


These are professionals who evaluate goods and services to determine their monetary worth. It's only when you know the true value of an asset that you can negotiate on its division or distribution. Common assets that appraisers evaluate include real estate properties, businesses, life insurance policies, and even shares and stocks.

Without an appraiser, for example, you may not know whether a stock is likely to appreciate in the long term or how much a life insurance policy may yield after a period. That means you can make a grave mistake and choose (during negotiations) a low-valued asset over a more valuable one.

In short, don't assume that your divorce lawyer will manage all aspects of your divorce. The lawyer is there to coordinate and advise you on the legal aspects of everything, and the help they can get from these professionals will help them do their work. Contact a law firm like Eschbacher Law for additional advice.